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What is behind the evil stepmother phenomenon?

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The Phenomenon “Evil Stepmother”

Mirror, mirror on the wall, is she the baddest of them all?

Prince Harry is now also dishing out against stepmother Camilla. We asked a family therapist what the “bad stepmother” phenomenon is all about.


In his memoirs, Prince Harry (38) does not leave a good hair on his stepmother Camilla (75).


Leah ErnstEditor society

Prince Harry describes his stepmother Camilla (75) as a “dangerous villain”. King Charles had an affair of many years with the current king consort. When his marriage to Princess Diana (1961-1997) fell apart, the public blamed Camilla. Although Diana affairs were also rumored, the press branded Camilla “Britain’s most hated person”. Her nickname: Rottweiler.

Whether it’s Cinderella or Snow White, we’re taught as children that stepmothers are mean and selfish. What is the evil stepmother narrative all about?

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