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What is Mohamed Al Fayed doing today?

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«The Crown» dedicates an episode to him

What is Mohamed Al Fayed doing today?

Since the fifth season of the Netflix series “The Crown” started, Mohamed Al-Fayed has been very interested. Netflix dedicated an entire episode to the father of Dodi Al-Fayed, Princess Diana’s last partner.


In the fifth season of the Netflix series «The Crown», the third episode is about how Mohamed Al-Fayed (played by Salim Daw) and Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki) met.

Episode three of «The Crown» is an extraordinary one. On the one hand, because there are numerous time jumps, which is not a common stylistic device for Netflix production, on the other hand, the producers largely devote themselves to a man who only had marginal contact with the British royal family.

Nevertheless, Mohamed Al-Fayed (93) was to have a significant influence on the history of the Windsors. Born in Egypt, he started his career as a Coca-Cola seller on the streets of Alexandria. Al-Fayed first came to wealth through his marriage to Samira Khashoggi in 1954.

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