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What’s going on between Stefan Mross and Evelyn Burdecki?

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Spotted partying after separation from Anna-Carina Woitschack

What’s going on between Stefan Mross and Evelyn Burdecki?

Only a short time after separating from Anna-Carina Wolitschack, Stefan Mross celebrates in Warsaw – and not alone. At his side is reality star Evelyn Burdecki.


Evelyn Burdecki, Stefan Mross, Özcan Cosar, Tom Gerhardt and Janine Kunze (from left to right) go to Poland for a TV production. Burdecki sits between Stefan Mross’s legs, he has his hand on her shoulder and both are beaming at the camera. They seem comfortable with each other.

Stefan Mross (47) and Anna-Carina Woitschack (30) only separated a few weeks ago. While Woitschack was spotted again with a man by her side a few days later, Stefan Mross held back. Until now. The pop singer celebrated in Warsaw with Evelyn Burdecki (34), as she showed in a short Instagram story.

“I love you, Warsaw,” writes the reality TV star about the picture that has already been deleted. According to RTL, Mross and Burdecki went to Poland with other celebrities such as actors Janine Kunze (48) and Tom Gerhardt (64) for a TV production. In addition to lights, music, dancing and a lot of party atmosphere, the short clip from Club Explosion shows how close Mross and Burdecki were to each other. As they queued at the bar at the club, the reality star enthusiastically bounced up and down to the music. The pop singer stood directly behind her and made a face into a grimace.

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