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«Your salary is in line with market practice and appropriate»

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SRF presenter Oceana Galmarini earns 6020.40 francs – expert classifies

«Your salary is in line with market practice and appropriate»

Oceana Galmarini makes her salary as an SRF presenter public – and thus triggers discussions. An expert files her payroll for Blick.

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Oceana Galmarini wants pay transparency.


Remo BernetEditor People

Your salary causes discussions: “Switzerland news” presenter Oceana Galmarini (28) wants more transparency and is therefore open about having earned CHF 6020.40 net with your 80 percent job last month. But the criticism of the number is great. There are increasing comments that the SRF woman receives too much money from the fee pot.

Headhunter Lucas Zehnder (39) has many years of experience in the media sector. He finds: “Ms. Galmarini’s salary is quite attractive, but customary and appropriate.” After all, her job is highly sought after and many would like to have it. “There is exactly one job, and SRF wants to know the best person in this position. Over the course of her career, Oceana Galmarini had to assert herself against other competitors and acquire the necessary qualifications.»

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