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Youth language – “Goofy” is the youth word of the year 2023

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Youth language – “Goofy” is the youth word of the year 2023 – Culture – SRF

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Young people have voted: Germany’s new youth word is “Goofy”. The Langenscheidt publishing house announced this at the Frankfurt Book Fair. What does the term stand for – and which other expressions were nominated?

The winning word “Goofy” describes a clumsy, silly person or behavior that makes others laugh. The term is known from the Walt Disney cartoon character of the same name.

“Side eye” and “NPC” follow in second and third place. “Side eye” means a skeptical view of a person or situation, “NPC” stands for “non-player character”, i.e. the term for someone who only passively perceives what is happening around them.

These words were in the top 10 in 2023

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  • Side eyes: Expresses contempt or disapproval.
  • NPC: Abbreviation for “non-player character”, a person who only passively takes part in the action.
  • Goofy: In the sense of “clumsy”.
  • Rizz: The ability to flirt and be verbally charming.
  • Digga(h): Salutation for a friend or colleague.
  • Is he allowed like that? Expression of astonishment.
  • Guy: Salutation for a boyfriend or girlfriend, which is usually only used in the masculine form.
  • Slay: Expression of admiration.
  • Yolo: Stands for “you only live once”.
  • On lock: Abbreviation of “on loose”.

Only the young voices count

The youth word was announced at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Beforehand, young people voted on their favorite word in several rounds. Only the votes from 10 to 20 year olds were counted. In the final online vote, “Goofy” received around 39 percent of the votes.

Since 2020, young people have been able to submit and vote for the youth word of the year at Langenscheidt Verlag. Previously it was determined by a jury.

The youth words of the last few years

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  • 2022: smash (start something with someone, have sex with someone, pick up someone)
  • 2021: cringe (embarrassing, embarrassing)
  • 2020: lost (clueless, confused)
  • 2019: not a youth word
  • 2018: Man/woman of honor (good human)
  • 2017: I’m sorry (It’s me)
  • 2016: be fly (especially going off)
  • 2015: Smombie (Composition of smartphone and zombie: people who always look at their cell phone while walking and therefore notice nothing)
  • 2014: Runs with you (Well done! You’ve got it! Cool!)
  • 2013: Babo (boss, boss)
  • 2012: Yolo (You only live once)
  • 2011: Swag (coolness, casualness)
  • 2010: Level limbo (pointless conversations in which the level constantly drops)
  • 2009: harden (hang around, hang around pointlessly)
  • 2008: Rotten meat party (Over 30 party)

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