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Zoff about Dieter Thomas Heck’s million inheritance

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After the death of his wife

Zoff about Dieter Thomas Heck’s million inheritance

Dieter Thomas Heck’s wife Ragnhild has died. After her death, it became known that an inheritance dispute had been raging in the family for a long time.

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There has been an inheritance dispute in Dieter Thomas Heck’s family for a long time.

Three and a half years after Dieter Thomas Heck (1937-2018), his wife Ragnhild († 79) died. The legacy of millions left by the moderator should now go to his children from his first marriage, Nils (59) and Kim (54) Heckscher, and to Saskia (47), their daughter with Ragnhild. As reported by “Bild”, a bitter inheritance dispute broke out even before Ragnhild’s death.

The reason for this is the so-called Berlin Testament, which Dieter Thomas and Ragnhild Heck decided on. With this, a married couple in Germany can appoint their partner as the sole heir. Children generally only inherit when both are deceased. After Dieter Thomas Hecks’ death, his entire fortune and the villa in Spain passed to his wife. His offspring went away empty handed.

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