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After the post offices, the agencies also close

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On land, the yellow giant becomes the yellow trickle

After the post offices, the agencies also close

The village shops hardly benefit from the parcel boom – at most it means more work. Shops are therefore closing their post office counters again and again. K-Tipp has discovered that a replacement can only be found in around half of the cases.

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Often the Volg store is also a post office.

If a post office closes, residents in the catchment area are often put off by saying that a post office will be set up to replace it. At best, this one even has longer opening hours than the previous post office – as long as it exists.

73 shops or pharmacies that ran an agency sent the yellow giant the blue letter in 2022. As K-Tipp writes in its latest issue, the postal service admitted to the consumer magazine that over 70 shops canceled their contracts last year.

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