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Alain Berset involuntarily becomes a figurehead

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Mobile phone skeptics are planning initiatives

Alain Berset involuntarily becomes a figurehead

Mobile phone skeptics want to reduce radiation exposure with a Safer Phone initiative. The starting shot will be given in two weeks. And Health Minister Alain Berset involuntarily becomes a figurehead.


The expansion of mobile communications is progressing.

Ruedi Studer

Now it’s fixed: On September 13, the mobile phone skeptics will start collecting signatures for their Safer Phone initiative. Then the initiative text will be published in the Federal Gazette, the official starting signal.

On this date, the democracy platform Wecollect is looking for at least 1,000 supporters who will pledge their signatures for the initiative on this date. The call launched on Sunday has met with a great response – well over 2,000 people have already made their commitment.

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