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Are we now richer or poorer?

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Column “Clarified & enlightened” – controversial topic of prosperity

Are we now richer or poorer?

Economists disagree: are things getting better for us now – or is the economy growing because of immigration? According to René Scheu, there are now tendencies – they are not encouraging.

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Economist Reiner Eichenberger has been warning for a long time: GDP is growing, but not GDP per capita.


René ScheuPhilosopher and Managing Director of the Institute for Swiss Economic Policy (IWP)

At the moment it’s about the question of all questions: Has the prosperity of Mr. and Mrs. Swiss actually increased in the last few decades? Or was it just immigration, i.e. the population and, at the same time, the gross domestic product (GDP) that increased?

Every practitioner makes a silent decision for himself by taking stock of the assets and liabilities of his life. He looks at whether there is more cash left over at the end of the year – or, if this is not the case, whether he has at least been able to noticeably improve his standard of living. And at the same time, he intuitively keeps a record of SBB delays, stress, traffic chaos and the size of his children’s classes. Is the balance of the last few years positive – or are we going where we are?

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