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Army deployment in federal asylum centers becomes an issue

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In the spring session

Army deployment in federal asylum centers becomes an issue

In the spring session, Parliament will decide on the use of the army in the federal asylum centers. The Federal Council passed the corresponding message on Wednesday. Due to a lack of personnel, the army is already supporting the SEM with 500 army members.

Due to the staff shortage, the army is supporting the State Secretariat for Migration in running the federal asylum centers. (icon picture)

Because the mission lasts longer than three weeks, Parliament has to vote on how the defense department writes in the session that begins at the end of February. The mission should last until the end of March at the latest. The services are rendered by through servants or formations who are properly on duty.

The Federal Council had already decided in mid-December to deploy the army. This means that since the beginning of the year, 500 members of the army can be deployed on a staggered basis if required. The personnel are needed for the establishment, administration and operation of the accommodation provided by the army.

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