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“As a winner, I can take my hat”

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SVP boss Marco Chiesa can draw strength in his hometown of Lugano. He has a busy year ahead of him.

The center of Lugano TI is colorful. SVP boss Marco Chiesa (48) leads the Blick journalists through his hometown. This is where he has his network, this is where he draws strength. He emphasizes how important this homeland is to him with a meal of polenta in a rustic grotto. The Council of States is facing a busy year. The Council of States is facing a busy year. He has been leading the SVP for two and a half years – and the federal elections in October will put him to the test. The party wants to grow significantly after losing a whopping 3.8 percent in 2019 with 25.6 percent.

Blick: Mr. Chiesa, the SVP was the big loser in 2019. If the party loses voters again, you can resign right away.
Marco Chiesa: As an election winner I can take my hat off, as a loser I have to (laughs). But I don’t intend to lose. We got off to a good start in the election year – the SVP is in top form and takes care of the issues that people are passionate about. This is shown by the referendum against the mendacious and expensive climate protection law. In just 90 days we collected over 100,000 signatures – more than twice as many as would be necessary.

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