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Baume-Schneider and Rösti now have these privileges

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Baume-Schneider and Rösti now have these privileges

Elisabeth Baume-Schneider and Albert Rösti have officially been in office since January 1st. From now on, the two Federal Councilors bear responsibility and must make decisions. But the new position also brings privileges.


After the election, they had a month to prepare – now Albert Rösti and Elisabeth Baume-Schneider are taking up the office of the Federal Council.

At midnight, work officially began for Albert Rösti (55) and Elisabeth Baume-Schneider (59) on Sunday night. Now they are officially in office and assume responsibility in their departments. It’s not an easy job – but the office also has a few amenities in store. Blick shows which privileges make life easier for the two new Federal Councillors.

Tasks, working hours and prohibitions

Baume-Schneider and Rösti are now not only politicians, but also heads of administration in their departments – and thus supervisors of several thousand employees. They will spend their working days with them. And they are not short: a normal working day for the Federal Council easily lasts twelve hours. Before or after there is also a mountain of dossiers to roll over.

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