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Baume-Schneider does not help the law

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That means looking at the intermediary role of the Jura woman in the Jura question

Baume-Schneider does not help the law

Although she used to fight for the Bernese Jura to join the canton of Jura, new federal councilor Elisabeth Baume-Schneider now wants to act as a neutral mediator on the Jura issue. In doing so, she is not doing the Jura any favors, says Blick’s deputy head of politics.

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The Jura Federal Councilor Elisabeth Baume-Schneider is to mediate between Jura and Bern.

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Pascal TischhauserDeputy Head of Policy

As one of her first official acts, the new Minister of Justice and sheep breeder Elisabeth Baume-Schneider (59) turns the goat into a gardener: the former Jura negotiator when the municipality of Moutier changed from Bern to the Jura suddenly wants to be the neutral mediator.

This shows that the previous Jura Council of States has not yet arrived in the Federal Council. Anyone who used to be so pro-Jurassic as the neo-magistrate cannot mediate in a credibly neutral way. In doing so, she is doing her canton of origin a disservice. He is currently arguing with Bern about the financial consequences of the canton transition.

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