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Baume-Schneider wants to mediate in the legal issue

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Despite possible bias

Federal Councilor Baume-Schneider wants to mediate on the legal issue

Moutier changes canton. But there are disagreements. There must be mediation between Jura and Bern. Justice Minister Elisabeth Baume-Schneider wants to mediate. Although she is a Jurassic herself.

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The Jura Federal Councilor Elisabeth Baume-Schneider is to mediate between Jura and Bern.

The Jura Federal Councilor Elisabeth Baume-Schneider wants to mediate between the cantons of Bern and Jura, since they cannot agree on the money when changing cantons from Moutier. The question arose whether the Jurassic would be suitable as a neutral mediator. There is not much time for clarification.

If Moutier’s change of canton is to take place at the beginning of 2026, as desired by the Jura, the two cantons must come to an agreement in the next few weeks. Specifically, it is about the amount of the financial compensation in connection with the transfer of Moutier. Without agreement, the intercantonal concordat, which regulates the modalities of changing cantons, cannot be signed.

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