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Bern imam resigns

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After suspected forced marriages in the House of Religions

Bern imam resigns

In the mosque in Bern’s House of Religions, women are said to have been married against their will. Now the Imam Mustafa Memeti, who is responsible for the mosque, is taking the consequences.


The Bernese Imam Mustafa Memeti in the mosque in the Bern House of Religions.


Leah HartmannEditor Politics

The allegations are stingy. Forced marriages are said to have taken place in Bern’s House of Religions, SRF made public last November. Several women reported that they were married against their will and without prior civil marriage at the mosque located in the house. In Switzerland it is forbidden to religiously marry a couple without prior civil marriage.

Imam Mustafa Memeti (60) from the Muslim Association of Bern, which runs the mosque, was shocked. The mosque was misused for forced marriages.

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