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Bern rolls out the carpet for the regime

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It was the parties and parliament that brought the Bundesrat into line at the start of the Russian war against Ukraine. While the government was still tackling, they applied pressure just in time. Switzerland is now supporting the sanctions against Moscow. And two weeks ago, President of the National Council Irène Kälin (35, AG) demonstrated Switzerland’s solidarity with the attacked nation with her visit to Kyiv.

Swiss delegation visits devastated city of Irpin

“It’s unbelievable”: Swiss delegation visits devastated city of Irpin(01:46)

The neutrality shouldn’t be used as an alibi for businesslike standing on the sidelines, politicians outside the SVP are largely in agreement on that. The scene that took place in the National Council Chamber on Tuesday morning was all the more astonishing. Sahiba Gafarova (67), President of the Azerbaijani National Assembly, had just taken a seat on the grandstand. Apparently a reason for joy in the great chamber. «This year, Switzerland and Azerbaijan are celebrating 30 years of diplomatic relations. It is therefore a special honor to welcome you, Ms. Gafarova, and your delegation here in Berne,” said Irène Kälin. After this greeting, the national councilors present rose to a standing ovation.

Applause for Azerbaijan? Less than two years ago, the authoritarian state launched a campaign against the Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh. And won. Thousands died, observers report war crimes.

“I wasn’t in the room at the time. I certainly wouldn’t have gotten up, »says Central National Councilor Stefan Müller-Altermatt (45, SO).

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