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Biden – a little Trump

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Secret paper affair in the USA

Biden – a little Trump

Secret documents have now been found not only on Donald Trump, but also on President Joe Biden. Even if Biden’s case is probably much smaller and he wants to cooperate with the investigators, he has lost his hard-earned bonus again.


Joe Biden in his Corvette: Secret documents were found in the garage where he parks the classic car.


Guido Fieldsforeign editor

Much is still unclear in the secret paper affair, but one thing is certain: there is a clear difference between the finds at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate and those in Joe Biden’s office and car garage. Republican Trump took around 300 secret documents home with him, including 60 top secret documents; according to initial findings and statements, Democrat Biden apparently has fewer than a dozen.

There is also a striking difference in the cooperation with the authorities: while Trump wants to prevent the investigation by all means and calls it a political witch hunt, Biden immediately agreed to cooperate in clarifying the case.

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