Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Can refugees solve the gastro problem?

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Over 7,000 positions in the catering industry are currently vacant. Cooks, service staff and kitchen help are urgently needed shortly before the summer season. For the past three weeks, Bernese restaurateur Kevin Bracher (31) has had a cooking position to give away. So far, not a single application has been received for his job advertisement, says the “Löie” boss from Fraubrunnen BE.

Gastro Bern is now pinning its hopes on refugees from Ukraine. The association has therefore set up an online platform for job-seeking Ukrainians. “Just whining is not my thing,” said President Tobias Burkhalter, explaining his commitment. He conveys the incoming applications to restaurateurs who are looking for staff. The Löie boss also hopes to find a new chef like this.

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