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Corona critics rightly dismissed as teachers

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His dismissal was disproportionate, argued a dismissed teacher in his complaint to the administrative court.

The teacher, who has been employed part-time since 2006, has violated his duty of loyalty to the principle set out in the 2020 warning of the strict separation of private views and professional function. This emerges from the judgment of the administrative court published on Wednesday.

This behavioral deficiency appeared during the probationary period. Therefore, there is a factual reason for dismissal according to the cantonal law on the employment of teachers (GAL).

Teacher is said to have participated in an illegal demo

The cantonal education department supported the resignation of the teacher, who gained a certain level of fame in Aargau as a corona critic. Among other things, he appeared as a speaker in February 2021 in Wohlen at the demonstration against the Corona measures.

The termination was disproportionate, the teacher argued in his complaint to the administrative court. All of the alleged statements and activities fell within the scope of freedom of expression. He also appeared at the demonstration in Wohlen primarily as a private person.

The school had already warned the teacher in September 2020 for unprofessional behavior. It was said that he did not strictly distinguish between his private concerns and his professional tasks.

In May 2020, he took part in an illegal demonstration with around 300 people. The man had also campaigned for the referendum on the Covid 19 law from his business email address in a mass mailing to all around 120 teachers.

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