Friday, December 9, 2022

Council of States shoots down ban on harassment

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The matter was still clear in the National Council: last year, with 144 votes to 31, he passed a motion from SP National Councilor Matthias Aebischer (BE) calling for an import ban on fur products produced in cruelty to animals.

The Council of States has now shot down the initiative with 25 to 19 votes. The Federal Council and the majority of the preliminary advisory commission recognized the concern. However, they want to solve the problem by improving fur declarations. This works, said Central Councilor Andrea Gmür-Schönenberger (LU). The corresponding regulation has also been tightened. Gmür-Schönenberger emphasized that the entire commission condemned methods of cruelty to animals. But a ban is unnecessary. The market regulates itself, wearing furs has become “completely uncool” among young people.

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