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Drone pilots need to know this now

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Switzerland adopts EU rules

Drone pilots need to know this now

Now it’s official: The EU drone regulation will also apply in Switzerland from January 1, 2023. Depending on the drone, drone pilots now need a certificate. In addition, all drones with a camera must be registered.

New regulations will apply to drone pilots in Switzerland from January 1, 2023. Drone pilots in the open category must complete training. (archive image)

Switzerland adopts the European drone regulations. The new regulations will apply from January 1, 2023. They include new maximum flight altitudes, weight limits, area restrictions and privacy regulations.

The legal framework harmonized with the European Union brings a number of advantages to the Swiss drone industry, the Federal Office for Civil Aviation (Bazl) announced on Friday. European regulations set safety standards for the manufacture, approval and operation of drones. Depending on the operating risk, a distinction is now made between the three categories “open”, “special” and “subject to approval”.

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