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Farmers fear for their buildings

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Fight against landscape initiative

Farmers fear for their buildings

The Swiss Farmers’ Association fears that food production will be restricted too much due to more restrictions on spatial planning. At his annual media conference on Tuesday, he called on parliament to reject the environmental organizations’ landscape initiative.

A settlement with a farm near Giswil not far from Lake Sarnen in the canton of Obwalden. (archive image)

The popular initiative launched in March 2019 aims to enshrine the separation of building and non-building zones in the federal constitution and aims to freeze the built-up area outside of the building zones. This is going too far for the farmers. They fear that they may no longer be able to work economically. They pleaded for a “sensible” indirect counter-proposal.

According to the farmers’ association, there can be no modern agriculture without modern buildings. Economical use of land is mandatory, but it must remain possible to erect and expand modern buildings.

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