Sunday, April 2, 2023

Federal Council wants to help civil defense to have more staff

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The draft, which the Federal Council submitted for consultation on Wednesday, provides for an extension of the duty of protection work. Anyone who is subject to military service but has not completed recruit school (RS) by the age of 25 and is discharged from the army should be subject to compulsory protection service.

The Federal Council also wants to resort to members of the army who are no longer fit for service. Those who have completed the RS and then become unfit are affected. According to the plans of the Federal Council, these people should be subject to compulsory protection service if they would have had to do at least 80 days of service in the army.

The Federal Council also wants to be able to use civilian service workers for civil protection. Civil protection organizations that have too few staff in the long term should be recognized as operational companies for civilians. The prerequisite for this is that civil defense has exhausted all other means to remedy the shortage.

The consultation lasts until May 2nd. With the template, the Federal Council wants to implement findings from the report on the support of the army and civil defense. (SDA)

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