Saturday, April 1, 2023

Federal government obstructs political classes at vocational schools

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Studies show that the political interest and political knowledge of vocational school students is deeper than that of high school graduates. Their trust in politics is also particularly deep.

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Sarah BelgeriRingier journalism student

For years, the federal government has had a cash box with which it could support political education at vocational schools. And that is well filled: in 2021 there were a good 63 million francs in it.

Almost half was spent on various projects in the field of vocational training – or “special services in the public interest”, as the relevant article in the Vocational Training Act puts it. This includes, for example, the translation of teaching materials or vocational training fairs. The other half was not even used. And projects that are intended to promote political education? No centime flowed into them. And that during the last ten years.

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