Thursday, December 1, 2022

Flying nuisances

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A troupe with a peculiar sense of humor operates in the Swiss skies. They call their leader “Püpi”, the nickname of a pilot is “Tiger Sexi” and the plush figure “Flatty” acts as the mascot. That’s right, we’re talking about the Patrouille Suisse, the Swiss top gun blend. The Fliegerstaffel has a loyal fan base – but the dream sons-in-law in overalls get on the nerves of at least as many citizens. Like in the Corona year 2020, for example, when thousands upon thousands of mothers and fathers “ironed” from home during the lockdown and the offspring tormented themselves with homeschooling in the next room. That didn’t prevent “Püpi” and his friends from farting through the ether for hours over densely populated areas. With their howling engines, they bothered the pandemic-plagued Büezer, with whose tax money they are financed. As I said, there is a peculiar sense of humor in the cockpits.

Today a war is raging in Ukraine. Switzerland accommodates 50,000 people from there, most of them women and children. Many are traumatized. Some cringe at the sight of camouflage patterns or the sound of airplane noise. And how do our aerial acrobats react? They circle with their F-5 Tigers over the Swiss agglomerations, where the majority of the refugees also live.

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