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Geneva parliament against voting age 16

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Left fought in vain

Geneva parliament against voting age 16

In Geneva, the cantonal parliament rejected the introduction of the voting age of 16 on Thursday. A right-wing majority did not want to separate civil rights and responsibility.

Member of the Geneva cantonal parliament. (archive image)

FDP Councilor Joëlle Fiss said that young people would only take responsibility for their actions at the age of 18. In addition, the timing is bad for the introduction of an earlier voting age: “The National Council is discussing these issues, we have to wait for the decision in Bern before we decide.”

The left fought in vain for the lowering of the voting age. Pierre Vanek from the Left Alliance Ensemble à Gauche criticized “the backward-looking attitude of the majority” and drew a parallel with women’s suffrage: “Geneva did not wait passively, but was one of the first cantons to introduce women’s suffrage.”

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