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Greens want to be the third strongest party

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Party Congress of the Greens in Geneva

Greens want to be the third strongest party

The delegates of the Greens adopted their election program at their meeting in Geneva on Saturday. The start of the election year was the vote on the Climate Protection Act, for which the delegates unanimously voted yes.

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Party President of the Greens, Balthasar Glättli, sees 2023 as a key year for the climate.

The indirect counter-proposal to the glacier initiative was declared by the party in a statement to be the “most important climate policy vote of the decade” and a “milestone for Swiss climate policy”. Because the SVP has called the referendum against the law, the population is expected to comment on it in the summer.

The Greens wanted to “do all they could to win the vote”. The momentum from this vote should then be used for the finish line, the 2023 elections, said party president Balthasar Glättli according to the text of the speech. Fortunately, there are solutions for a greener future. Only the political majorities for it were missing.

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