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Groceries flown in should be declared

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Did the kiwi come by air?

Groceries flown in should be declared

By plane, truck or train? You often don’t know how the food got into the store. The responsible commissions of the National Council and Council of States now want to introduce a declaration obligation for the transport route.

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What was that flying? National Councilor Christine Badertscher calls for an obligation to declare food that has been flown in.

When shopping, consumers should be able to see whether fruit, rice, nuts and other foods in the shop rack have been transported by plane. The responsible commissions of the National Council and the Council of States want to adapt the food law accordingly.

In the case of unprocessed food, the mode of transport and especially transport by plane should be declared. The Commission for Science, Education and Culture of the Council of States approved a parliamentary initiative by the Bernese Green National Councilor Christine Badertscher (41) with 7 votes to 3 and 2 abstentions.

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