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Heated quota discussions about Sommaruga’s successor

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Heated quota discussions about Sommaruga’s successor

The SP leadership wants to nominate only women to succeed Federal Councilor Simmonetta Sommaruga – and is receiving criticism for this. That is ideological and also inconsistent, it says in the SRF Arena.


Marco Chiesa (from left) and Andrea Caroni criticize the successor plans of the SP in the SRF Arena with moderator Sandro Brotz.

The decision of the SP leadership to send a two-way ticket with two women to succeed Federal Councilor Simonetta Sommaruga (62) in the race provides plenty to talk about. In the SRF Arena on Friday, the bourgeois politicians do not hold back with criticism. “It’s gender politics and ideological,” says SVP President Marco Chiesa (47), “If you have a man with experience and skills, why shouldn’t he be allowed to run for office?” Chiesa alluded to SP Councilor Daniel Jositsch (57) in the Arena show, who had brought himself up as a possible candidate.

The representation of women and also of the language regions was hotly debated in the arena: on Wednesday, the SP also left the door open to candidates from Latin Switzerland. Although two Italians and one Ticino are already represented in the Federal Council. However, that is no reason to exclude candidates from these regions from the outset, as SP National Councilor Samira Marti (28) explained on the show: A temporary over-representation of Latin Switzerland is not a problem. According to Marti, the decisive factor is the suitability of the candidates.

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