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Homeowners should continue to pay

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Cantons insist on imputed rental value

Homeowners should continue to pay

The Economic Commission of the National Council wants to abolish the imputed rental value – and still retain many tax deductions. Because of the impending tax losses, the finance directors are now intervening with the members of the National Council.


Imputed rental value has been a bone of contention in politics for decades.

Ruedi Studer

The imputed rental value should fall, but the tax deductions should remain – that’s what the National Council’s Economic Commission is proposing. For homeowners, that would be like double Christmas. But now the cantons are disrupting the festive mood!

In a letter to all members of the National Council, the Conference of Cantonal Finance Directors (FDK) warns against the maximum variant promoted by the SVP and FDP. “This business has a significant impact on the cantons,” says the letter that Blick has. And: “The FDK prefers the status quo to the template and recommends you not to enter the template.”

The letter was also signed by FDK President and Zurich Finance Director Ernst Stocker (67). The SVP man takes on his own party, which insists on a total abolition of the imputed rental value.

billion failures

However, the cantonal finance directors fear the financial impact of the proposal on public budgets. The proposal decided by the Economic Commission leads to “considerable loss of income for the federal government, cantons and municipalities”.

In fact, there is a risk of billions in tax losses, as calculations by the Federal Tax Administration show. With a mortgage interest rate of 1.5 percent, the losses will add up to 3.8 billion francs a year if the Economic Commission’s proposal is accepted. At an interest rate level of 3.5 percent, it would still be CHF 2 billion.

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