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Hurdle for red passport should remain

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Council of States Commission does not want to relax naturalization criteria

Hurdle for red passport should remain

In 2017, the people clearly agreed to facilitated naturalization for the third generation. The hurdles are relatively high, the demand remains rather low. The National Council wanted to relax the criteria, but the responsible Council of States commission is now stepping on the brakes.

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The responsible commission of the Council of States believes that third-generation foreigners shouldn’t be able to get a red passport any easier than it is today.


Ruedi StuderBundeshaus Editor

The third generation of foreigners shouldn’t get the red passport any easier than it is today. The State Political Commission of the Council of States does not want to know anything about further easing for the third generation. With eight to four votes, she recommends a rejection initiative that wants to lower the naturalization hurdles.

In contrast to the National Council, which gave the green light to a corresponding parliamentary initiative in the winter session with 117 to 73 votes. At that time, for example, GLP National Councilor Corina Gredig (35, ZH) campaigned to bring the naturalization process closer to the reality of life for the third generation and thus enable more people to get the red passport.

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