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Hust and Hott on the army budget

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As soon as Parliament has passed increases, the Federal Council cuts back

Hust and Hott on the army budget

The Federal Council could put a spanner in the works for the army. After parliament significantly increased the military budget last year, the government wants to cut a large part again for reasons of economy.

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By 2030, the army budget should increase to well over seven billion francs. To the delight of Federal Councilor Viola Amherd.


Daniel BallmerEditor Politics

The big windfall came unexpectedly for the Swiss army. Alarmed by the war in Ukraine, last spring parliament decided to increase the budget step by step until 2030. Opponents warned against a blank check because it took the military months to show how the additional funds would be used in the first place.

But how won, so lost. The outgoing SVP Finance Minister Ueli Maurer (72) had already warned of billions in deficits from 2024. Now the Federal Council, led by Maurer’s successor Karin Keller-Sutter (59), is getting serious: In order to achieve a balanced estimate for 2024, it decided on various measures on Wednesday.

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