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“I’m not a truant!”

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Absence king Roger Köppel (57) fights back

“I’m not a truant!”

No other National Councilor is missing as many votes as SVP National Councilor Roger Köppel. He sees no problem with that himself. Political scientist Claude Longchamp assesses the many absences of some parliamentarians differently.


Roger Köppel justifies his many absences with his job as boss of “Weltwoche”.


Leah HartmannEditor Politics

Roger Köppel (57) has missed every fifth vote in the National Council in the last three years. The SVP politician was absent without excuse on 13 percent of the session days, according to a Blick analysis. With this shortfall, the “Weltwoche” publisher and editor-in-chief once again took the inglorious first place on the list of the kings of absences in the National Council.

If he didn’t respond to Blick inquiries at first, he now comments on his frequent absences after the fact. “I’m not a truant, but a highly committed entrepreneur of a successful company,” says Köppel. And adds that he is “the opposite of those professional politicians who live from the state, gild their mandates and are celebrated by the eye”. If he’s absent for professional reasons, he duly logs out “and thus saves the taxpayer attendance fees”.

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