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Italy is stubborn

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Dispute over Dublin refugees

Italy is stubborn

The expectations of Switzerland and other Dublin countries were disappointed: Italy continues to refuse to take back refugees for whose asylum applications the country is actually responsible according to the Dublin agreement.

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Border guards keep picking up illegal migrants at Chiasso train station. However, they still cannot be brought back to Italy.

The borders remain closed. Italy continues on its hard course. Because new migrants are constantly arriving from the Mediterranean, the new government of Giorgia Meloni (45) has not taken back Dublin refugees since the beginning of December.

With the freeze on admissions, Italy wants to put pressure on other European countries to take on more refugees. In Italy itself, the recording capacities are exhausted. Switzerland is therefore unable to repatriate around 170 people, although Italy would be responsible as the entry country according to the Dublin Agreement. The migration situation is also tense in this country.

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