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Lockdown and border closures actually stopped Corona

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Genome sequencing proves it

Lockdown and border closures actually stopped Corona

The lockdown in spring 2020, the border closures and also contact tracing have contributed to the fact that the corona virus has spread less in Switzerland. This has now been proven with genome sequencing.

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Iconic picture: On April 25, a Swiss-German couple met near Riehen BS – separated by the border fence.

A new study shows that the border closures, lockdown and contact tracing in Switzerland during the pandemic had an effect. For the study, which was published on Wednesday in the renowned journal “Science Translational Medicine”, more than 11,000 genome sequences of the virus were examined in Switzerland in 2020.

After the borders were closed, around 90 percent fewer infections were imported into Switzerland. These results suggest that the infection process in Germany has been successfully decoupled from abroad, the authors wrote in the study.

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