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Maudet turns Lebanese into Swiss in a hurry

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Was naturalization illegal?

Maudet turns Lebanese into Swiss in a hurry

Within a few months, a Lebanese banker in Geneva received a Swiss passport – even though he didn’t meet the requirements. Mail histories show that the then government councilor Pierre Maudet had his fingers in the pie.

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Pierre Maudet was once a member of the Geneva State Council and had to resign because of a corruption scandal. The Federal Supreme Court confirmed the conviction for taking advantage in 2022.

New allegations against Pierre Maudet (44): After the former Geneva government councilor was finally convicted of taking advantage at the end of last year, another dubious case has now come to light.

As the “Tages-Anzeiger” reports, Maudet is said to have helped a Lebanese banker to get a Swiss passport – at express train speed and against the objections of his employees. There is a suspicion that Maudet, who was nominated as a candidate for the FDP in 2017, disregarded the applicable law.

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