Friday, March 31, 2023

Modern Switzerland is not yet modern enough

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Gieri Cavelty, Editor-in-Chief of SonntagsBlick.

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Gieri CavetyEditor-in-Chief of the SonntagsBlick

Modern Switzerland is celebrating its 175th anniversary. In other words: it just doesn’t do it. In 1848, the old Confederation became the first democratic republic in Europe that still exists today, but the list of anniversary events planned for 2023 is extremely short: an illustrated book on parliamentary activities, an open day in various administrative buildings, an art installation on the facade of the Federal Palace.

Our Knorz with its own history is legendary in the truest sense of the word. The Confederation glorifies legendary heroes from the Middle Ages and ignores those personalities to whom we owe our state and its functioning institutions. The focus is not on individual people, but on ideals.

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