Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Now Fehr has to provide answers!

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Zurich Cantonal Council debates data scandal

Now Fehr has to provide answers!

For years, the Zurich Justice Department was sloppy when it came to disposing of hard drives. Sensitive data ended up in the wrong hands and ultimately in the Zurich milieu. Justice Director Jacqueline Fehr has to approach the cantonal council on Monday.


The prosecuting authorities seized tens of hard drives from the Zurich Department of Justice from Roland Gisler, who had previously been convicted.

The data scandal at the Zurich Department of Justice caused a sensation in December. No wonder: A story like this could hardly be invented better.

Blick revealed how the Zurich Department of Justice has been sloppy in disposing of computers for years. Hard drives with unencrypted, highly sensitive data got into the Zurich milieu through shady characters. If the authorities had had their way, the public would never have known about it.

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