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Organizations take positive stock

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One year after women’s session

Organizations take positive stock

The Federation of Swiss Women’s Organizations draws a positive balance one year after the 2021 women’s session: Half of the 23 petitions submitted at the time have been fulfilled or are at least on the right track.

The Federation of Swiss Women’s Organizations believes that a lot has changed since the last women’s session in autumn 2021. (archive image)

According to a statement on Tuesday, the women’s session has also provided long-term networking for women politicians and encouraged various women to start a political career. At the women’s session on October 29th and 30th last year, 246 elected participants from all over Switzerland discussed more than 70 transactions and approved a total of 23 demands.

Of the demands made in 23 petitions, five have already been accepted in both councils and a further six have been decided in the commissions or first councils. In the future, the Federal Council must launch regular nationwide prevention campaigns against domestic, sexual and gender-based violence and examine how universities and technical colleges can hire more part-time researchers.

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