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Politicians want to listen to affected trans people

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After cancellation for third gender

Politicians want to listen to affected trans people

The Federal Council did not want to allow a third gender in official papers. But that could change. The legal commission of the National Council is now holding a hearing after there were contradictions in the arguments of the Federal Council.


Should non-binary people continue to have an F for woman or M for man in their passport?


Sophie ReinhardtEditor Politics

The Federal Council made it clear last year that the Swiss population is not ready to accept an official third gender in official papers. He opposed the possibility as they know Germany and Austria. There, people who do not feel they belong to any gender can have an X or the word “diverse” entered in their passport.

As an argument, the Swiss government and the Department of Justice – at that time still under the direction of Karin Keller-Sutter (59) – used the negative attitude of the National Ethics Committee (NEK) as a reason.

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