Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Public Eye calls for export ban on pesticides

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A permit is not enough

Public Eye calls for export ban on pesticides

The non-governmental organization Public Eye calls for a complete export ban on pesticides. Despite the tightening of export regulations that have been in force since 2021, Switzerland is still exporting banned pesticides.

Public Eye calls for an export ban on pesticides. (icon picture)

Since January 2021, a permit has been required for the export of around 100 pesticides that are banned in Switzerland. Dozens of dangerous substances that are banned in Switzerland would not be affected by the tightening of the law and would continue to be exported, Public Eye criticized in a statement.

According to Public Eye, around 90 pesticides banned in Switzerland and the EU can be freely exported from Switzerland and remain invisible to authorities and the public. In order to stop this business, a complete export ban and strict enforcement in Switzerland as well as at EU level are needed.

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