Friday, March 31, 2023

Publisher boss demands slimmed-down media funding

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“Don’t oversleep digitization”

Publisher boss demands slimmed-down media funding

The new publisher president Andrea Masüger has spoken out in favor of an ancillary copyright and a new edition of media funding. He considers the accusation that the media had missed out on digitization to be a “regulars’ claim”.

“Stammtisch assertion”: The media had not overslept the digitization, says publisher President Andrea Masüger. (archive image)

The first annual goal of the Swiss Media Association (VSM) is to help the ancillary copyright to achieve a breakthrough. This is what Masüger said in his first presidential speech at the association’s epiphany conference on Wednesday in Zurich.

Such a right should oblige international corporations to pay a fee to Swiss media for the distribution of their journalistic content. The Federal Council intends to submit a proposal for consultation in the near future.

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