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Security politicians call for “Lex Ukraine”

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ease arms exports

Security politicians call for “Lex Ukraine”

States have repeatedly put pressure on Switzerland to be able to deliver armaments to Ukraine. However, this is contrary to Swiss law. The Security Commission of the National Council now wants to change that – and quickly.

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Denmark was not allowed to transfer Swiss-made Piranha wheeled armored personnel carriers to Ukraine.


Daniel BallmerEditor Politics

Since the start of the Ukraine war, the Federal Council has caused heads to shake abroad. For reasons of neutrality, he repeatedly turned down requests for the export of armaments. Because Ukraine is a party to the war, Denmark was not allowed to pass on Swiss Piranha wheeled infantry fighting vehicles, Germany was not allowed to pass on tank ammunition and Spain was not allowed to pass on anti-aircraft guns.

But now things are moving. After the War Material Act was only tightened last summer, there have been discussions about easing it for months. Even the SP wants to allow exceptions when a country like Ukraine is attacked and the United Nations condemn it. At the same time, the Security Commission of the Council of States (SiK-S) will soon discuss a motion by FDP President Thierry Burkart (47) for easing.

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