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“She said I should just put earplugs in at night”

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Iryna (33) was brutally woken up when the first Russian bombs fell near her home. She comes from the north of Kiev – not far from the small town of Bucha. She endured the shelling for three weeks, then she couldn’t take it anymore. “The constant roar of the bombs, the planes, being locked in and not being able to sleep – that got me down.”

Her mother stayed behind alone in the apartment they shared; The young woman fled to Switzerland via Poland at the end of March and spent a night in the federal asylum center in Zurich. The next day she looks for a place to stay on Facebook, friends advised her to do so. For a few weeks she stays with host families in the canton of Aargau. In both places she feels uncomfortable and unwelcome. She still can’t sleep. In the end, the municipality responsible gives her a room.

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