Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Sleep well despite the threat of nuclear war

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If there were no atomic bomb, we would all sleep much better. Why did humans build this weapon in the first place? They should have known that the same bomb that threatens their enemies can also take their own lives. What stupidity!

This is what seeming reasonable outrage sounds like. The philosopher Karl Jaspers described it in his book The Atomic Bomb and the Future of Man (1958). At the same time he noted the sentence: “Outrage doesn’t help.” It helps just as little as the appeasement that goes like this: If weapons develop such a destructive power that they not only threaten the enemy but also oneself, then they will never be used. Because nobody can want his own downfall. The balance of terror unfolds its beneficial effect. So it would be irrational to deprive yourself of sleep over Putin’s nuclear bombs.

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