Friday, December 9, 2022

SP wants to chase Huawei away

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Canada bans Huawei. The Chinese technology group will be excluded from the expansion of the 5G network, the government in Ottawa decided this week. The fear of Beijing’s spies is too great.

If the SP has its way, a similar verdict will soon be made in Bern: In a new motion, the party is demanding that the Federal Council refrain from using information and communication technology from companies controlled by authoritarian states. Huawei is explicitly mentioned in the justification for the initiative. In the future, a new law will have to be used to check carefully whether Huawei components in the 5G network in Switzerland are still responsible. “Due to Huawei’s proximity to the autocratic Chinese state, I strongly doubt that,” says Graubünden SP National Councilor Jon Pult (37).

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