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SP-Wermuth has received harsh criticism from Serbia

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Because of the “fascist” comparison on Twitter

SP-Wermuth has received harsh criticism from Serbia

Because he spoke of “Putin, Vucic and Serbian fascists” on Twitter, Serbia demands an apology from SP co-leader Cédric Wermuth. In a letter, sharp criticism of statements by the social democrat is expressed.


On Twitter, SP co-boss Cédric Wermuth spoke of “Putin, Vucic and Serbian fascists”.

Road blockades and saber rattling – the conflict in northern Kosovo has been making headlines for weeks. Switzerland has already called on the two countries to relax. But not only the federal government has commented on the conflict. SP co-boss Cédric Wermuth (36) gave his anger a lot of air on Twitter.

That’s not surprising: Wermuth’s proximity to Kosovo and the Vetëvendosje party of Kosovar President Albin Kurti (47) is well known. At the time, Kurti Wermuth personally congratulated him on being co-president.

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