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Special investigator Marti accused Peter Lauener of state crimes

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Allegations much heavier than known

Special investigator Marti accused Peter Lauener of state crimes

Special investigator Peter Marti accused Peter Lauener not only of violating official secrecy, but even of “endangering the constitutional order”. Only: He didn’t have a chance with it.

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The focus of the investigations: Peter Lauener (left), former spokesman for Federal Councilor Alain Berset.

Special investigator Peter Marti (72) has made much more serious allegations against Peter Lauener than was previously known. The former communications chief of Federal Councilor Alain Berset (50) is said not only to have violated official secrecy, but also to have endangered the constitutional order in Switzerland, as reported by the Tamedia newspapers.

Explosive: The “endangerment of the constitutional order” is an article in the penal code that is one of the “crimes against the state” and is hardly ever applied.

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