Friday, March 24, 2023

Starting today, you can legally smoke weed in Basel

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Starting signal for pilot project

Starting today, you can legally smoke weed in Basel

Nine Basel pharmacies will have cannabis in their range from Monday. But only those who are part of a study by the canton get the legal weed.

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Smoking weed allowed! This has been the case in Basel since today – but only for the 374 people who were admitted to the pilot test.

For the joint in the pharmacy: A cannabis pilot project will start in Basel on Monday. 374 people can legally obtain weed as part of a study called “Weed Care”.

The first study group of 180 people can buy various cannabis products in nine pharmacies. Your ID card issued for the study entitles you to purchase it. Two hashish and four organic cannabis flower products from the Aargau company Pure Production are used. They cost 8 to 12 francs per gram.

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