Thursday, December 8, 2022

Supreme court tightens sentence against SVP local politicians

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2,500 franc fine for racial discrimination

Supreme court tightens sentence against SVP local politicians

The Aargau local politician Naveen Hofstetter did not want to accept the conviction for racial discrimination. But the Supreme Court now confirms the verdict – and even tightens the sentence.

The Aargau SVP local politician Naveen Hofstetter (40) has been found guilty of racial discrimination and incitement to hatred by the cantonal supreme court. The president of the local SVP party Rothrist collects a conditional fine of 70 daily rates of 170 francs. There is also a fine of CHF 2,500. The verdict is not yet legally binding.

Last year, Hofstetter had presented a blanket statement on Facebook in connection with marriage for all Africans as pedophile rapists. After being criticized for it, he deleted that part of the post. But he followed up by saying that “it’s just the reality” that “often the youngest girls are sexually harassed by men of African descent.” He also wrote in another post that marriage for all was a step towards further calls for child adoption from “unnatural partnerships”. The Aargau SP national councilor Gabriela Suter (49) then filed a criminal complaint against Hofstetter.

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